Nara Deer park, Japan

I love to take advantage and sight see wild animals whenever I get the chance.  I took a 1 hour train ride to Nara Deer Park from Kyoto station. This is home to thousands of wild roaming deer. My first thought was how do they not roam into the streets? There are no fences and its incredible these little guys don't ever leave. They are tamed and friendly. You can buy rice crackers to feed them and you'll see a couple of them bow for food, its pretty funny. The park is huge and there are other attractions in and around the park. They have temples, museums, and gardens. If you decide to make it a full day activity, I would bring some food and snacks and set up a picnic under the cherry blossom trees. FYI cherry blossoms only bloom during a certain time of year. If you go on any other season I believe the trees are bald haha.

Pondering on the train ride to Nara Deer Park..

Well hello Deer!

This guy was nibbling on my shirt like it was food. LOL

Twirling around all the Sakuras.

Until my next adventure guys...

XO, TheHauteGal