24 hrs in Athens, Greece

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world and is very rich in History. Since I wanted to spend most of my time on the island of Santorini, I only stayed in Athens for 24 hours. There’s so much exploring to do that it is hard to cover the city in just 24 hours, but with a little planning you can still see the most amazing sights. The city is very large and many of the sightseeing is in the area around the Acropolis. Athens has the best gyros and there are lovely street artists and music to enjoy. Here are some highlights and must-see sights that can be experienced in just 24 hours.

I started my morning around 8 am and made my way to this beautiful hidden gem called Little Kook. It’s a cute decorated little alley with dessert cafés on both sides. If you have time to enter one of the cafés, please do, the desserts are decorated beautifully and so much fun. The easiest way to find this place is by Google Maps; just enter “Little Kook”. It’s close to Monastiraki square and the city center. Arrive early if you want to get some Insta-worthy pictures.

IMG_0601 copy.jpg

After checking out Little Kook, I made my way to the Acropolis . To get here, walk towards Plaka along the ruins of the Ancient Market and the Roman Market. The Acropolis looks so close but is very far; my walking journey ended up becoming my hour workout because the route was all upward through the hills. I actually enjoy walking; you get to explore more of the city and find some of the cutest alleys and the tastiest gelato. We ran into two Spanish speaking tours and learned so much without it costing a dime. Once we arrived, holy moly, the crowds of people were insane! Luckily, my mom and I were standing in line and an older man gave us free tickets to go in. We cut to the start of the line and made our way through! Yay! Here is the view from above.


I wasn't kidding when I said crowds haha..


From a distance we admired the Parthenon, built in 447 BC for the Greek goddess Athena. First, I’ve never seen anything so old, and second it was incredible to see and touch (yes I touched it even though it said not to: ha ha).


Being extra as always!

 Outfit Details: Hat - Brixton / Skirt - Showpo / Top - Na-kd fashion / Jewelry - Theseaandme


The beautiful Erechtheion temple. It was built to house the ancient wooden cult statue of Athena and generally glorify the great city at the height of its power and influence. The Erechtheion temple has suffered a troubled history of misuse and neglect, but with its prominent position above the city it remains one of the most distinctive buildings from the acient past.


After a couple of frozen lemonades to cool off from the heat and some souvenir shopping, we headed back towards Monastiraki square and found the most darling outdoor café to have lunch and enjoy some Greek music.

Another fun activity to do, is to visit the metro station right next to the Acropolis. They call it the metro museum; at six of the stops you can see ancient artifacts found when the metro station was built underground. It is fascinating that history can be discovered everywhere in the city.

After resting our feet for a while, we decided to switch gears and rent bikes to visit our next destination, The Temple of Olympian Zeus. The Greeks left the temple unfinished because they believed it was too big and symbolized the arrogance of people who believed they were equal to the Gods. This sight is certainly underrated, it’s worth a visit, plus you have no crowds to contend with during the day.


My mom and I <3


We ended our day at the A for Athens Hotel with a gorgeous view of the Acropolis, Monastiraki square and the city where we enjoyed a cocktail. There are plenty of awesome rooftop bars and restaurants to enjoy the picturesque view. Check out The Travel Porter for some cool spots https://thetravelporter.com/blog/2016/5/10/top-best-rooftop-bars-athens I had the best 24 hours in Athens and can't wait to visit again.


Thank you guys so much for reading, hope you guys enjoyed! Don't forget to like and comment below :) Until next time...