Hola Barcelona!

Total Stay: 5 Days

From all of my travels Barcelona has by far been one of the funnest cities I've traveled to. For those of you who know me, I love sleeping. Therefore, I love how I can wake up at 12pm go about my day and get ready to go out around 1am is awesome. The sunsets are around 9pm which is crazy for us Angelinos. Since I speak Spanish I felt right at home, although their Castellano aka Spanish is a bit different than mine. I stayed in an Airbnb's in the Gothic Quarter which was great for dining and shopping. It's also walking distance to La Rambla another popular area in Barcelona. Other than having my daily siesta, paiaya, tapas and those crazy party nights here are some of my highlights from my trip.

Güell Park

A MUST. The terrace part of the park is free, but to go inside the Casa Museu Gaudi you'll have to pay. Once you buy your ticket they assign you a time to go in. You're also able to visit the house in which Antoni Gaudí once lived in. Such an awesome experience, I said to myself "man I actually made it to Barcelona", with all the colorful mosaic tiling and architecture. Perfect for photos there are also gardens and people playing instrumental music all around. This visit to Guell Park really made my trip!


La Boqueria (Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria)

Next morning we wake up and get ready to start our day at 11:30 am to be exact. We head to La Boqueria around noon to have some brunch and we bought some snacks for the road. La Boqueria is pretty much a food market with tons of goodies. Everything from breakfast, lunch, fruits, smoothies, candy etc.

La Sagrada Familia

We then took the train and headed to check out La Sagrada Familia. One of the largest Catholic churches in Barcelona. This is another one of Antoni Gaudi's work. When I got there I waited about 45 min to get inside. Plan accordingly there will be a long line. Once we got inside, OMG! The architecture inside is breathtaking. Everything from the ceilings to the windows. When I visited the church the stones outside were being restored due to weather deterioration. That is why the photo looks like they were doing construction. LOL.

Casa Batllo

I actually wanted to see Antoni Gaudí's famous Casa Batllo and then I happen to run into it while wandering. Defiantly interesting with some of the weirdly shaped windows its pretty cool to see. Due to time I didn't get a chance to go into the house, but I was satisfied just starring at it for 10 min.

Chocolate and churro time!


Barcelona you were a party animal I love you until next time...