Bonjour Paris

Total Stay: 5 Days

This was my second time in Paris and let me tell you I still find it such a romantic city. It is a perfect place to come with your husband or boyfriend. In my case, I went with one of my girlfriends which was by far amazing and still romantic. We stayed in the city for about 5 days and traveled throughout the city by walking or taking the subway. It's really easy to get around once you get the hang of it. Other than enjoying our coffee while people watching, having some baguettes and of course trying escargot here are some of my highlights from my trip...

Jardin de Tuileries & Jardin de Luxemburg

Great gardens to people watch with plenty of photo ops near the city. Both gardens are within walking proximity of each other and are also near museums.

The Louvre

One of the largest museums in Paris and of course you can find the Mona Lisa there. FYI, she is not a huge painting, it's small but worth the visit (there will be a crowd). Plus there are so many other masterpieces to see.

Love Lock Bridge

I know this is very touristy, but if it's your first time you have to do it! You can find the pedestrian bridge via Pont des Arts Bridge over the Seine River. This is a nice experience, writing your names, locking it, and then tossing the key in the river. The meaning behind it is you will always have an unbreakable love. After all these years the bridge has gotten quite heavy, so they have removed some of the locks.

Palace of Versailles

One of my favorites, there is so much to see! There's the Hall of Mirrors, the Gardens, the Chapels, the Gate of Honor (on your way in its a huge gold gate) and the King & Queens private apartments. The architecture alone is amazing, just make sure you plan ahead as this is an all day event.  

Eiffel Tower

I know you're going anyways, so have a picnic during the day with some wine and cheese. Or check out the light show at night. Defiantly head to the top its an incredible view. It will be windy up there and you'll also feel it rock back and forth.

Paris you were amazing I shall be back, until next time...