Sequoia National Park : Summer vs. Winter


Total Stay: 2 Days

What I love about Sequoia National Park is that it is only 3 hours away from LA , it's so close! I've visited the park twice, once during winter time and the other during summer time! I prefer the summer time since I'm not a big fan of the snow. Sequoia can either be a day trip (if you arrive early morning) or a weekend trip. Really just depends on how much time you have off. Here's my winter fun adventures in Sequoia...

I love the huge Sequoia trees they are giants and we are ants. This tree is shaped like a heart <3

General Sherman

One of the largest trees in the world, although in my eyes they all look just as big.

Some pro's of visiting in the winter are the infinite snow mountains you can walk on and the views. Although it is a bit scary, since you don't know what is underneath nor how deep it is.

Playing in the snow. I wore yoga pants and regular sneakers . What a rookie! Pack some warm water resistant clothes or some high length boots.


Total Stay: 3 Days

Remington Hot Springs

Summer time in Sequoia is beautiful. It is definitely hot, but don't worry there are so many spots to cool off like the lake or river. Before heading into Sequoia National Park we decided to stop by the Remington Hot Springs. They are located outside of the park driving towards Lake Isabella. This is a hidden gem which is actually maintained by the locals. I've heard people say they have found nudist here. In my case, when I arrived it was a bit lonely. Which is nice because you get your own space. Easy for parking but when hiking down you can miss it so keep an eye out.

Kern River

Teaching Zoey how to swim, she was so scared poor thing. You can take a dip anywhere in the river. We hiked down for about 15 min and found a nice flat spot to relax and take cool off in the water.

This was the first time I ever took Zoey (my pup) out for an outdoor adventure. Dogs are allowed in Sequoia but are not allowed on trails. I learned that when I arrived there.  Side note: That is way we made our own trails shhhh!

Hume Lake

We stopped by the lake to refresh and have some lunch. Hume Lake is located in Kings Canyon you'll have to keep driving up heading north inside the park. Dogs are allowed and can get into the water.


Some moderate hiking trails with views I would suggest are Trail of the Sequoias, Tokopah Falls, Congress Trail and East Fork Grove.

So you decide what you prefer winter or summer or both. Until next time Sequoia...