Roadtrip to The Grand Canyon

Total Trip : 6 days

I love road trips because you get to jam out to your favorite songs and see so many things along the way. Manny and I went on our first road trip 2 years ago to the Grand Canyon from Los Angeles. We decide to go during Thanksgiving weekend and spent thanksgiving traveling around the states. The weather during November was not as bad as I thought. I thought we would need to get tire chains because we would catch some snow along the way. Luckily, there was no snow, the sun was out but it was still freezing. Definitely bring layers of clothes with you so you don't freeze. You'll see the canyons, Native American communities and red rock formations along the way. Here are some highlights from my trip...


Total Stay: 1 Day

We started off driving from LA and headed to the small town of Oatman, Arizona. We stopped here first because as a child Manny would always come here with his family on his way to Arizona. So we decided to check it out. Oatman is a small ghost like mining town and there's donkeys everywhere which you can feed. They have old wild west like hotels, restaurants and shops. There's also horseback riding available. It is so fun to see that small cities like this still exist with a population of 128 people.

 We stumbled upon an old mine, it was a bit creepy.


Total Stay : 3 days

We drove to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, which is the easiest, closet from LA and I would consider the most popular. We arrived at night, but the next morning we woke up early to check out this beauty. Pictures do no justice this spectacular wonder of the world will really take your breath away.

Bright Angel Trail

After a day of exploring around the Grand Canyon and souvenir shopping. The next day we decide to hike down the canyon. This trail can actually be very strenuous. We hiked down for about 3 hours and then said " Okay, maybe we need to start heading back before it gets dark". We started around 11am and finished our hike around 5 pm total time was about 6 hours. The views are amazing and just the fact that you're hiking into the Grand Canyon is pretty cool!


Total Stay : 1 Day

This place is a must especially if you stop by the Grand Canyon. Upper Antelope Canyon is less than 2 hours away from the Grand Canyon. Book a tour ahead of time because you can't drive up to the canyons on your own. Also keep in mind the time you want to go, light is important as you will see it peak through some of the cracks, great for photos.


This is a very popular photo that many people have tried to mimic including myself. You can too, there's a secret to it. Our guide actually threw the sand on top of the rocks which makes the sand flow down through the rocks and then SNAP! Pretty easy, right ha-ha.

Can you see the eye?

Walking around the Desert sands.


Since we were already checking out the Upper Antelope Canyon we drove about 25 min out to Glen Canyon. We checked out the dam and explored around. It's a great little canyon to check out along the way.


Since we had already been driving for hours and were so close to the Utah border, we decided to keep driving up. We wanted to check out Horse Shoe Bend but we couldn't find it or we probably missed it. So we drove passed the border and into Utah. We actually saw this hotel named "Amangiri" which is in the middle of nowhere. Literally for miles and miles there is nothing. Pretty awesome yet kind of scary to be in the middle of the mountains with no one around.

There are a couple of spots we missed that are close by to check out such as Horseshoe Bend, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument ( this can be about 2 hours away from Horse shoe bend but SO WORTH IT!) and Lake Powell. Also on our way back to LA we stopped in Vegas. Parrrrrttttayyyyy! Until next time..